Chinese fried rice

Yield 4-6 portions




I've always been scared and intimidated with cooking meat, especially chicken (can probably thank the Dettol adverts for that) so to compensate I'd always over cook my chicken until it was rubbery.

Even when I would try to cook my chicken in a more forgiving manner I was still miles away from the chicken I'd get in restaurants so I decided to turn to Youtube for help and come across Brothers Green Eats.

Their video  shows how to prepare a chicken breast which I tried for the first time for this recipe and I'm so pleased with the results. The chicken had flavour! It was moist, tender and had a beautiful golden colour.

Even if I'm in a rush I won't revert to dicing a chicken breast and adding it everything else I'm cooking and simply hope for the best as I'm not that lucky.

Going veggie? 

To make this into a veggie dish substitute the chicken for more vegetables. I like to add more peppers and peas. 

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